The magic of home education, but with the FUN of high school…

Our family has truly enjoyed these last few years together and would not trade this time for the world.  But as Kid One creeped closer to high school, we decided she needed more than just beautiful curriculum and family time, she needed some teen interaction and LOTS of joy.  And that is what we envision for Shining Light Academy…good solid education, Christian values, and a community of teens working and playing together and lifting each other up.  

What will this even look like?

Your child will be a home school student.  You will be in charge of your student’s transcripts, diploma, and graduation requirements.  I will help to facilitate learning in Language Arts, Science, Spanish, Social Studies/History and a few electives. Your student will get a homeschool education, peer interaction, labs and group work, clubs and groups, social opportunities, and a daily dose of Christian devotion…plus lots of opportunity for joy and a community of loving peers to help navigate this crazy world we are living in.

"I homeschool because I have seen the village and I don’t want it raising my kids. "

– Unknown author

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