Meet The Perkins

We started homeschooling Kid 2 before the pandemic for educational purposes, but quickly fell in love.  We added Kid 1 BECAUSE of the pandemic, and have LOVED every minute of it.  The changes in our family over the last 3 years have been spectacular.  We believe in Christ, we hope in Christ, and NOW we speak of Christ EVERY DAY during our school time.  

Hello, I’m Jessica.

Before having my kiddos, I taught English, History, Economics, and Leadership at Connell High School.  I have a Secondary Education and English major with History and Spanish minors from Eastern Washington University.  But more important than all of that, I just TRULY love kids and helping them learn and grow is my passion.  I am a huge nerd and LOVE to learn…about ANYTHING.  I tend to lean towards both a Charlotte Mason learning approach (living books, music and art, and dictation) and a Unit Studies approach (total immersion into a given topic for many subject areas). But above all, I believe that learning should be fun.  I plan to create an educational environment where these kids can learn to LOVE learning and become a community of learners.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"


The world has changed dramatically…shouldn’t education be changing too??

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